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Summit Trucks, a division of Kaizen Automotive Group, is one of Western Canada's largest independent leasing companies. We have a 40-year reputation for automotive excellence and a high level of customer satisfaction.

We provide you with objective information regarding all makes and models of cars and trucks, and help select the vehicle that fits both your needs and your budget. We don't try to sell or lease you any particular vehicle; we simply want you to have all the information you need to select the right vehicle.

Improve Your image

A lease with Summit Trucks usually runs from three to four years, or if preferred, can be shortened, enabling you to maintain a successful business image with late model, well maintained commercial vehicles.

Reduce Your Expenses

Most new vehicles require minor maintenance, such as oil changes, which are the responsibility of the lessee. However, since many of our lease terms expire before the new Vehicle Limited Warranty, any major repairs covered under such warranty will be paid by the manufacturer, enabling you to reduce your commercial vehicle life-cycle expenses.

Cut Vehicle Down-Time

Studies show that as a vehicle ages and kilometers increase, a business will experience increased vehicle downtime with a corresponding loss in income. By leasing over a three to four years period you are able to obtain new vehicles more often and reduce costly downtime

Preserve Your Capital

A lease with Summit Trucks may require less initial expenditure than a conventional purchase loan, enabling you to preserve capital and up-front costs. You also have the option (as some business owners prefer) of further reducing your monthly lease payments by making a down payment. (capital cost reduction)

Lower Up-front Taxes

By leasing your commercial vehicles, you may lower your initial tax payments, thereby preserving much needed capital. Such taxes may be lower through leasing than with a vehicle purchase since taxes are calculated on your monthly lease payments. Although many business owners realize a greater tax advantage through leasing, you are advised to consult your own tax specialist when considering leasing or purchasing alternatives.

Customize Your Lease Requirements

As a specialized leasing company, we can design leases to your precise requirements. Simply outline your needs to your representative and get a prompt, helpful response.

Summit Trucks is an ALL makes leasing company

SHAW GMC Rentals is proud to offer one of the largest selections of fleets in Alberta. No matter what you require a rental or lease for - we have got you covered with full service rentals for commercial use or for personal use throughout Canada.

We are happy to provide you with our services no matter what situation or job needs to get done, contact one of our representatives today at Shaw GMC so we can help you achieve your goals. To accommodate your needs, we take pride in our large selection of vehicles that include: cars, trucks, SUV’s, passenger, cube and cargo vans all at inexpensive rates! To better serve you, we can plan your rate to conform to your life, whether you prefer daily, weekly or monthly payment rates. At Shaw GMC, our large selection of vehicle inventory gives you a better chance of getting just what you need!

Vehicle Fitting

Many of our customers use their vehicles for work in rugged environments – we want to take our customers safety and comfort in their vehicle seriously, so we ensure that all of our work trucks come equipped with: Seat Covers, Heavy duty mudflaps, Wooden boxliners, and rubber floor mats.

Rental Fleet

The great thing about the fleet we offer is flexibility with your rentals! We have standard or specialized vehicles within our fleet of trucks, vans and SUV’s. Rental periods can be adjusted for short or long term periods. Whether the requirement is to cover additional contract gains, peaks in business, seasonality or vehicle breakdowns, 

  • No defined rental period
  • Ability to add, change or return vehicles at any time without penalty
  • Special vehicle fittings such as headache racks and rails, buggy whips and glow worms, backup alarms and fire extinguishers
  • Delivery to any business address
  • All vehicles are fully maintained to manufacturer's specifications
  • Competitive rates with fixed delivery costs