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A Simple Solution – Quick device install & easy-to-use applications

Keeping tabs on your company vehicles has never been simpler or less expensive. With a device that plugs into your vehicles in seconds and web-based applications that are straight foward and easy to use, you can quickly be aware of where and how your vehicles are being driven


  • When did my company vehicles leave the office?
  • How long was a vehicle on the worksite today?
  • Have my vehicles been speeding? Where & when? What about erratic driving?
  • How many trips did my vehicle make yesterday?
  • How many miles were related to business use?
  • Are my vehicle being used after-hours?
  • What is my vehicle’s average fuel efficiency?
  • How long are my vehicles idling?
  • When are my vehicles due for maintenance?


  • Shaw Lease GPS Tracking

Install the tracking device yourself


Simply purchase the XT-2000G tracking device from Shaw Lease and choose a Solution Plan that meets your company needs. The XT-2000G is the easiest tracking device to install in the industry; simply plug it into the diagnostics port in the drivers area of your vehicle.

  • Port is standard on passenger vehicles & light trucks post 1996
  • Additional tracking devices are available for vehicles without OBDII ports (see LMU-1100 and LMU-1200 devices in this brochure)

Track your company vehicles:

  • Locations with speed & direction
  • Monitor driver behaviour
  • Geofence monitoring
  • Historical reports
  • Trip & Fuel Efficiency reporting
  • After-hours usage alerts
  • Maintenance Schedules
  • Street & Satellite maps

Fixed Solution Plans – Pay what you sign-up for

Choose a solution plan based on how you want to manage your fleet:


  • Low cost of ownership
  • Straightforward yet powerful feature set
  • Mobile-optimized application for smartphones
  • Runs on the Rogers GPRS network
  • Vehicle events come directly from vehicle computer

Hardware pricing – The right device for your needs

Tracking device prices vary based on the term of your contract. Devices are delivered activated on the network and ready to be installed in your vehicles.

  • LMU tracking devices require installation and are intended for vehicles without OBDII ports.
  • Some plan features are device specific.
  • All Solution Plans have been designed to stay within the suggested data plan based on driv-ing 9 hours per day, 5 days per week. Usage beyond these hours, as totaled on a monthly basis, may result in overage charges beyond the contracted data plan.